Go Green- Shop At Target

Usually non-toxic and cleaning supplies are not found in the same sentence. Luckily for us, Eric Ryan and Adam Lowry’s mission was to buck this status quo!

You may recognize Method cleaning products if you’ve ever shopped at Target. In Fact that is where they got their start.

What makes them so special you ask? Well let me see, first off their products are bottled in 100% recycled plastics. In a strong attempt to reduce their carbon footprint, they’ve  created formulas that can be manufactured without heating. They also recycle all the water they use in their plants. Finally they are building a supply chain around using rail and bio-diesel to save fuel and carbon in shipping and green, local sourcing

By wanting to create a “cleaning product you didn’t have to hide underneath the sink” and that was also “Without dirty ingredients” these two former roomates  birthed the concept for one of the fastest growing private companies in the U.S.

And on top of being one of the Fastest growing companies in the U.S. their  products also being sold in  Canada, the U.K. , France, Australia and Japan.

For More Information on their methodology, check out:



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