Tackling The “Big Issue”

Finding innovative ways to help people help themselves is the beautiful intersection where “Social Responsibility” meets “Sustainability” in an empowering way that offers a hand-up not a hand-out. Epitomizing everything Every Voice Heard stands for, The Big Issue news publication, which is sold on the streets by homeless people, creates a legitimate way for the homeless to earn income, as well as help them integrate into society.

Last year alone we put more than £5million in the pockets of our vendors, releasing them from a dependence on hand-outs and providing an alternative to begging.

Written by professional journalist, and circulated by homeless people it is the world’s most widely circulated street newspaper, and one of the world’s foremost social enterprises today. The paper was started by John Bird and Gordon Roddick in 1991 in the UK. and is read by 670,000 people every week. Right now it supports 2.800 homeless and vulnerably housed people across the country, and is actively working with a community of 10.000 people and supporting to address issues such as health, employment, and personal goals. The model they’ve created has been so effective it is replicated over and over in Africa, Asia and Australia. How cool is this!

The Big Issue is a media phenomenon and one of the world’s leading social enterprises with a business model which has inspired hundreds of imitations; from Johannesburg to Tokyo, Sydney to Addis Ababa, Perth to Sao Paolo, Seoul to Nairobi, The Big Issue is leading a global self-help revolution.


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