3 Reasons Why TOMS Is the Business Model of the Future

TOMS the latest shoe phenom to transcend into the masses. Created by Blake Mycoskie, this new model for future business is making major waves in the business realm, as well as all over the world. With a concept so Simple, yet so effective, it’ s no wonder why we are deeming this, The Business Model of the Future, and here’s why:

1.) Its for Profit-Bashing for-profit models has become a sort of trend, in an effort to praise their philanthropic brothers and sisters, however for profit models are the only 100% secure ways to ensure sustainability. By Utilizing this model, you transform customers to ‘customer benefactors’ rather than fundraising for support. A major reason for-profit models are so widely bashed, is because consumers are used to not being able to trust the brands they purchase from. If they see a huge ad campaign fighting for wells in Africa, with little children, barefoot running through a village, with fly’s on their faces, they are emotionally drawn to that campaign. They feel for those children, and want to make their purchase count!

Only to hone in, and see in very fine print * a portion of these proceeds benefit wells being built. The consumer then feels duped. ‘Define a portion’ Big business X? The trust is gone, and the customer is left cynical and hopeless. Stupid of me to even think that my measly purchase was going to do some good in the world. Tom’s is working to bring that trust back to the consumer by being very clear about the disbursement of funds. For Every Pair or shoes, (and now eye-wear, as well!) you purchase, Tom’s will donate a pair to a child in need. How cool is that!

2.) It’s Socially Conscious, and Creating Change In The World- How do shoes create that much change you ask? Well millions of children in developing countries around the world grow, going barefoot, most all the time. In many cases they have to walk miles to school, or to gain access to clean water, and medical help. This leaves them at risk to contract soil transmitted diseases such as hookworm and tetanus, and in dangerous and rocky terrain, cuts are likely, which can get infected. As well, in some places, children are barred from attending school without proper shoes.TOMS saw this as an opportunity, that if, just given one pair of shoes, a child can be set in different path in life- One that leads to a better future. At TOMS The look for communities that will benefit most from this project, based on their economic, health, and educational needs, all the while taking into account local business so as not to create a correlating negative effect.

3.)The Product is Good, The Brand is  Simple and Sexy– They’ve taken the traditional Argentinian Inspired ‘Alpargatas’ canvas slip-on shoe worn by Argentine farmers for centuries and turned it into a desirable sexy shoe, worn by celebrities, and trend-setter all over the country. Initially being called ‘Shoes for Tomorrow’ project, it was shortened to TOMS  so the name would fit on the back of each shoe. Which was a killer idea. If your customers can tell their friends about their hot new purchase, that is also doing good in the world, in 15 words or less. You’ve got an explosive brand campaign on your hands. People want to tell their friends, and in so many cases we are defined by the purchases we make. Mac or Pc, type of car, baked or fried, organic or not, Type of shoes…..

To read more about How TOMS is revolutionizing business Click Here


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