We See You: Forward Thinking Ceo of Unilever, Paul Polman Says “Start Today”

CEO of Unilever is convicted as father of three to conduct responsible, sustainable business practices.I assume it would be easy to ignore future ramification, in order to pad your quarterly P&L statements, but for Paul Polman, Tomorrow isTODAY. Well aware that the young generation of today “Want To Inherit A Green, Peaceful Earth.”  He’s standing up, as a giant in industry, To be the change, and that’s something we can get behind. He’s been quoted saying:

“Too many companies have prospered at the expense of society and nature, business now has to learn to be successful while contributing to society and supporting ecosystems and biodiversity.”

“We do not have to win at the expense of others to be successful,” he says. “Winning alone is not enough it’s about winning with purpose.”

“We have increasing income disparity within the developed world. We have a political system that barely functions after the economic and financial crisis. So continuing the way we are going is simply not a solution and increasingly consumers are asking for a different way of doing business and building society for the long term together.”

If you believe in something you have to fight for that and have the courage to take the tougher decisions that come with it,” he says “Having a deeper purpose to what we do as people makes our lives more complete, which is a tremendous force and motivator.

What people want in life is to be recognised, to be part of, to grow and to have made a difference. That difference can come in many forms; by touching someone, by helping others, by creating something that was not there before.

“To work for an organisation where you can leverage this and be seen to be making a difference; that is rewarding.”

Let these words leave you with this. How is your company giving your employees purpose? How are you making a difference?


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