The M+power brand is aimed at guiding young women under the premise of Being Active, Being Informed, and Being Inspired, in order to live their most Happiest, Successful, Powerful life.

The M+power Girl is Chic, Confident, Intelligent and Brave. She is someone who wants to use her talent to bless the world, someone who is looking for a group of girlfriends who are also on this same journey, to help support and encourage one another. She’s not settling for what has been prescribed to her, She Is not accepting the norm.

She has a passion for life, and exploring the world. She is exuding authenticity by connecting her heart and soul, to all of the many facets that make-up her world! She is you! She is Me!

In order to streamline this message, merging with corporate organizations that cater to this demographic through their product or service is key. Coupling the M+power-ed Girl lifestyle with product brands she uses everyday. For Information on licensing opportunities contact:info@onempoweredgirl.com

To get more of a glimpse into the M+power Girl World visit: www.onempoweredgirl.com